Why this Blog?

This Blog is my personal journal and campaign efforts with LCH.

I hope to reach hunderds of thousands of people with making them aware of this rare disease and the impact it has on those of us diagnosed.

This rare disease is one that has the Medical Professionals and Specialists asking themselves-
The Question: "What is the cause?"

Because of the "Unknown" and being "Rare", I want to share information about LCH and ask for-
Awareness, Volunteer, Support, Funding, simply ... Help find a Cure!

Blog Dedicated

My Children
Gabriella & Kevin Baltazar

My Parents
Baltazar & Herminia Melendez

My Brothers & families
Baltazar & Heidi Melendez, Jr & Andraya
Bernardo & Corrilyn Melendez & 
Hope, Bernardo Jr, & Emilio

"Prima" Bea Ponce-Cartagena
Connie Ange
Heidi Yandricha-Strocko
Kimberly Chichelli

..and All of My Friends...

for all their loving support.