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Histiocytosis Association

"The Histiocytosis Association is indeed a rare community of Patients, Families, Friends and Physicians bound by the collective fight against histiocytic disorders.  The success of the Association is a direct result of the collaborative nature of this community and the desire and willingness of everyone to get involved in their own way."

Get involved by:
  • Hosting Support Groups,
  • Organizing Fundraising Campaigns & Events, and
  • Donating

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To register, please fill out the form and click submit. Please be sure to completely fill out each field. It is important that the Association ask for these details, as it will helps provide important and relevant information. Please enter the Patient information.  And if you are 'connected to me', please take note below of my information.
Patient Name:  Sandra Melendez
Date of Birth:   10/10/1965
Patient Diagnosis:  LCH
Patient Date of Diagnosis: July 2011
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