My Campaign

Help Me Fight & Support My Campaign...

With my Awareness efforts, I have set a goal to have a Campaign to raise funds which will involve a great deal of events and donations.  But with your help and others, this can happen!

What is My Campaign goal?

My Campaign goal is to raise $100,000 in 5 years or sooner!  And better yet, to raise more! The goal is always to raise more and keep the efforts strong.  We Need a Cure!

How can this be done?

Those so needed funds can be raised with donations from corporations, organizations/associations, and community efforts...people, just like you!

Currently, I am working on fundraising efforts and events, and ask that you keep updated and help me.

If you wish to help me with my Campaign, please contact me at:

NOTE:  Information forthcoming on How to Donate to My Fund and Events.